30 Days of Lists is coming in a month and my shop Vanessa’s Fancy is a sponsor. I made a bunch of notebooks for the listers, as they get 15% off their order when they register. My notebooks are the perfect size for #30lists and I use them for my own lists.
For the first 30 Days of Lists I participated in, I used the October afternoon Farmhouse collection, which has a nice vintage feel to it. So I used lots of ledger paper and old ephemera in it. For the second edition I did, I went with a neutral-ish palette : red, grey, black and white. I used my hand carved number stamps for the date. If you want to see them, just click on the ’30 Days of Lists’ banner at the top and scroll down.
For this challenge, I went with a blue, black and grey-green palette. I’m going to try my hand at layering. I really admire people who can layer papers and I love the way it looks. Marcy Penner is probably the best example of what I mean, although there are many others too. I have lots of trouble doing that because I’m such a paper lover, it makes me sad to cover it up! But since these notebooks are 6 x 8, I figure I could use up some of my scrap paper for layering.  
Here are the papers I chose for this challenge. A sides:
B sides:

I really like the way it turned out and I’m already putting aside some papers and washi tape to fill it with. I’m also thinking of using my Instax and of sticking the pictures in there too, but we’ll see…

Here is the cover:

And a peek at how it looks:

The page with the cameras is the middle page. After that, the patterns repeat but change sides. I like the added challenge of making something new with the same background.

If you like how this notebook looks, please follow the link to my Etsy shop on the top right of the page. And don’t forget to register to 30 Days of Lists to get your discount!