The 100 day project is starting up again on April 4th and will run until July 12 inclusively. I have participated the last two years and I really loved it. This year I am creating every day in my daily diary. But I am documenting my day for that project, so it is rooted in my day’s activities. I find myself needing some long-winded creative endeavour. I like having a long term project to work on. So I’ve decided to participate again this year.

I will be revisiting the themes from my 52 Pick-up project from last year and my Unfinished Spirits project from 2015. I’m going to use vintage photographs and I’ll be pairing them with words from Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters. In this book, Masters gives the dead from a small village their voices back. As you read what the inhabitants have to say, you uncover secrets, betrayals, love and all manner of human tragedy/triumphs. Kind of like Twin Peaks, but in a cemetery.

I couldn’t help but be pulled into this story about what life is, the connections we make, the good the bad and the ugly. Death is the final equalizer, the ultimate forgiver, the most frustrating finality. To hear the stories that the dead have to tell us is a constant theme in my life and my work (art and career).

As an archaeologist, I’m always trying to hear what the remains I dig have to tell me (I miss this aspect of my work like I would miss a cut off limb, I can’t tell you how much my career was/is a big part of my person, I still struggle daily with coming to terms with this). In my art, I also try to tap in to the deeper current of the life /death cycle. So I am revisiting the idea of using vintage photographs that I will alter and voices from beyond. I will be using a spiral bound journal with kraft pages from Typo.

This is also part of a long winded process bringing me to create my own tarot or oracle deck, searching for meaning and truth within other people’s work before going deep into my own.

My project will be #100daysoflisteningtothedead

See my past 100 day projects: Unfinished Spirits (2015) and 100 Explorations (2016).

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