My One Little Word for the year is ‘elevate’. At the beginning of the year, I was very explicit about certain goals that I wanted to achieve. Some were craft related and some were life related. I thought I would do a couple of check-up posts.

1- Learn Photoshop and develop Dans ma tannière

One of my first goals was to learn Photoshop and to start making my own Project Life cards in French. My goal was to market these in my Etsy shop under the banner ‘Dans ma tannière’ (‘in my burrough’), in a digital format for people to download and print at home.Well, it hasn’t panned out as well as I thought it would. For a few reasons. The first of which is I think Illustrator may be better suited to what I have in mind. I haven’t bought that program, nor have I learned anything about it.

Also, I started playing with Photoshop (I bought Elements 12) and I’m finding it not too user friendly! I guess it’s because I am used to pictures being so easy to edit on my iphone!

I have tried the A Beautiful Mess actions and I like them a lot, but I find it hard to adjust the density of each layer. I understand how to take out the layer, but not so much how to adapt it. Whereas on my phone, with the Mextures app, I can put in all sorts of filters and then adapt them by playing around with the percentage of each one.

On the positive side, I discovered Studio Calico’s brushes and am loving them. Yesterday, I posted this picture which combines both ABM’s actions and the SC’s brushes.As an example of what I mean, I would have liked to tone down that white gradient on the top left side.

So I would say that this particular goal is on hold for a bit and I try and master Photoshop. Once  get more comfortable with this program, then maybe I will be able to push further and see where I can take the idea of making my own set of cards in French.
Tomorrow, a post about my haphhasard quilt.