This album is my contribution to Rukristin’s Awesome Ladies Project. I started it in late March. It’s an album where I can put all the ‘standing here’ type shots that I take. You can read more about my process here.
I wanted to put this up last month (for April), but I an in to an issue with an order I made with We R Memory Keepers. I ordered the gold instagram album along with a few other products on March 28th. As of April 1st, it’s been ‘in transit’. I contacted the company many times, but they say it’s out of their hands. I’m also having issues accessing their website (it doesn’t accept my password so I have to change it each time). They didn’t go overboard trying to sort that out either. Really awful customer service, the kind that makes you feel that your issue isn’t worth their time. They’ve basically washed their hands of this.
So, knowing I,d never those goods again, I found them somewhere else and finally got back to working on my album this week. Here are the pages I made.

One of my favorite things about this album is the no-pressure pretty juxtaposition vibe going on.

I love paper, I love patterns, I love having a place to showcase these things.

I love telling a story in visual form.

(Painting on the right by Simon Birch, my favorite artist ever)