Since my last post, I have filled in the two blank pages in my From Here to There album.
Living abroad is definitely a learning experience…and a lot more about one’s self than anything else. At least it was that way for me.

I continued on with the pages right after the one with the small photos of us.

I had these 4 x 4 pictures printed out for another project that didn’t work out. So I’m glad to place them here. They are a great snapshot of a typical day for me in Hong Kong. That wood flag with the clock was perfect.

I love that you see Quebec, Canada (where we are going) on that piece of map, plus the hearts that peek on either side.

All of this ‘going home’ business made me want to document family. Until recently, my family lived on four continents.

When my father died in South Africa, we came together from North America, Asia and Oceania to see him off. I took this picture on our last day there. Now that my father is gone and that we are going back to Canada, we will be on two continents. So going home for me doesn’t necessarily mean going back to be with my family.

I pieced this page together because of that amazing cloud image and the equally amazing stamps from Hello Forever.

These pages are probably my favorite ever. I saw a similar image on Pinterest and I wanted to try stitching the wonky circle doodles instead of drawing them. I love how they turned out.

The stitching on the back part of my daughter’s page is hidden by the cloud image. For the one behind my son’s page, I wanted to let the backside of the stitching show.

I stamped the constellation on a piece of cardstock and added the illustration of a cornoer house in HK, plus that piece of glassine from and envelope in which I wrote that quote.

I am not sure if this is always true, but I thought it appropriate here.

I thought the word ‘interfacings’ was so cool and fit with these old/recent images of Hong Kong. The stapled piece of vellum says ‘thanks for the memories’.

And my final image for today. LOVE IT! We are a nomadic family thanks to / because of my husband’s work…

…and I will follow him anywhere.

Thanks for looking. Let me know if you have any questions.