Here are my Project Life pages for May. As usual, you can click on the photos to make them bigger. Unfortunately, some of these are a little crooked. I had a hard time not photographing the glare on the pages.
My first spread is for the week of April 28th to May 4th. I love all the soft blue/green and the black in these pages. I put in an insert about some fleeting moments that I want to capture. The backside of that insert is full of mushiness about my husband and kids. Love them.

This next one is May 5th to 11th. It’s all about preparations for the Handmade Hong Kong market. I was in full making/crafting mode and then I got rained out….Caylee Grey’s ‘Today Sucked’ freebie fit perfectly here.

The week of May 12 to 18 started out just awesome. Lots of time spent with the kids, a delicious afternoon tea and some crafting moments. The week ended on a sad note for a close friend of mine. I documented what happened, but it is of a private nature, so didn’t include it here.

The week of May 19 to 25 was a also quite full and culminated in my handsome husband and I going to a ball on the Saturday evening and inaugurating our building’s pool on Sunday.

This last week of May brought some pretty exciting news : we finally know where we are going after our two years in Canada…Beijing! We held a big goodbye dinner for some friends who are leaving Hong Kong and also enjoyed the sunshine on the beach.

I always love being up to date in my Project Life album. I really get a kick when pages come together nicely like this one did. I really love the wood tag on the top left corner, I stitched it on the photo and that was a fun detail to add.