I am following along with Caylee’s Habit project. I remember reading Andrea and Olya’s posts about creating a new habit. I just needed the extra motivation to start….motivation provided by this:

The beautiful and practical Pretty Documented Habit planner. Find it here :


What I love about this planner is that you print off the pages you want/need on the paper you want to use and in the format that works for you. I love that you can choose. I went for the floral planner (because it’s so pretty). On the Pretty Organised blog, Caylee has a great tutorial on how to print and bind your booklet. I decided to have mine be half letter size. I printed on 32msg paper, so it’s nice and thick/smooth to write on.

Unfortunately, my printer doesn’t print on two sides (because it’s a relic from another time). So I had to glue the pages together to make sure the pages would follow in order. In the end, it was a bonus since my pages are that much thicker and softer to write on!

After doing that, I folded the pages in half

I placed the pages all in order and then bound them using my usual pamphlet stitch. I LOVE how it turned out. I took to work today and started writing out my plan at lunch.

So what is the habit I want to create? I want exercise to become a part of my life again. I am a working mom so my time is very precious to me. Whenever I have a little of it free (after the lunches are made, homework is done, supper is prepared, kids are clean and sleeping) I usually just want to play in my art journals. But I have noticed some new back pain (probably from working at the Museum) and general loss of flexibility.

So here we go : I want to do my pilates workout three to four times a week. It doesn’t have to be the 45 minute one at first, but I want to have my core be strong again. I do a core training session at work on Fridays, but I want to have at least two other sessions at home during the week. Maybe even sneak in a weekend one!

Accountability is important so I’ll be checking in here at the mid-point and at the end of my 30 day stint. If you want to play along, check out this post by Caylee.