The last of my summer projects are these mini albums I made about our trip to Maine. I used Jamaica’s amazing frosted album covers. They are so pretty. I had my favorite photos from the trip printed through Origrami. I chose the squareprint set with black and white backs. These went really well with the film prints I had developped (I used my 35mm Nikkormat to document the trip). This is a photo heavy post, so grab a drink or something!

The first album is the blue one. I used it to document the place where we stayed (a childhood roaming ground) and the beach itself.

I love using ephemera throughout these albums, like the map above and the bottom flap of a saltwater taffy box.

The Origrami prints are the ones with the white border. I love their products and am always so happy with the quality of the prints and the satin-y finish.

I love this ‘sunshine’ sticker but didn’t want to put it directly on the photo; so I stuck it on a transparency that I cut out afterward.

No need for that much journaling in here. The date on the backside of the photos is enough for me.

I also put my shots from the Motel series in this album.

Love this place. Those steps are really special to me.

The second album is the red one. It has a little more pop, so I wanted to use it to document the food we ate and our visit to the amusement park.

Afternoon picnics. Kids running around. Outdoor barbecues. Your hair still wet from the beach.Cold beer. Ah, Summer, why do you leave us so quickly?

And Aperol Spritz. Always.

Found a way to use the second box of Bill’s Pizza that I brought back with me.

And the amusement parks. That is also a great big part of my childhood that I was able to share with my own children. They loved it.

I used some of my favorite transparencies, including this one from Life Love Paper.

If you are still here, thank you for taking a look!

(note: I am not affiliated with Origrami in any way, I just love their products and service)