Being a parent can be very trying. Even more so when one’s child has special needs. But there is also so much beauty and strength emanating from that role. The Zine Squad decided to pay tribute to Rose Sheridan and her resilience as a mother. Jules, Katie and I enlisted the help of the lovely Elly for this zine (I even got to hand it in to her in Sydney – how cool is that?!).
 The page on the right features one of the songs from my childhood. It’s a haunting ballad about a woman who remembers her mother singing a love song that she is now singing to her child and saying how she will also sing it to her own daughter and on and on. There is a sad story about lost sailors and lovers. You can listen to it here.

Tiger moms are certainly a thing here in Asia. The meaning is someone who forces their child to over perform, to over succeed, even taking away their childhoods. In my mind, being a tiger mama means always protecting your babies, feeding their fire and potential but never stifling or forcing them.
Being a mother is magical because it brings you back to your own childhood and the magic that was obvious in every little part of our life at that time. The left page is mine and the right is Julia’s. 

I love photos of children at play. They can be both haunting and inspiring. I love the feeling of complete freedom from those three girls playing on the left.

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