This is the last week of Jaimee and I’s joint project, Introspection Magic Redux. I have thoroughly enjoyed this and would recommend this type of project to anyone wanting to jump back into their work. I have used this journal to help me develop some techniques for my upcoming Totems class.
This week I focused on two Introspection promots, Tears are words that need to be written” and the notion of female intuition. I have found that I really like combining prompts.

This is my first spread. So for me, the idea of choosing which flowers to put in my hair is a metaphor for feeding the different emotions I carry. This links to last week’s “feeding the wrong wolf” idea.

But this time I want to emphasize the good wolf, or wear the flowers, not the thorns.

The right page is under a vellum sheet so I cut out the area over the mouth to let the page underneath show through.

That is female intuition for you! Connection to people, to the world around us. When you know, you know! Here is how it looks when you turn the vellum page.

I added some threads to the face because this is a visual element that links this spread with the very first ones in my journal. I like the idea of a visually cohesive journal.

My second spread is all about a woman and artist that Jaimee and I both admire: Frida Kahlo.

I used a lot of the fabric I brought back from my workshops in San Miguel de Allende.

Frida, I am sure, cried a lot of tears. But she was also incredibly resilient a d strong. She was an amazing person and loved fiercely, even when that love was hurtful to her.

I used Tanyalee’s tutorial for this watercolour portrait and I loved it. 

The flowers in her hair and her garden around her are visual elements that bring back to my previous spread. So the aesthetics are different but the subject similar.

I finished my journal by painting the back cover and adding some stream of consciousness writing around the crystal ball.

So there you have it. I’m super grateful to Jaimee for having reached out about trying something different. And I’m extra grateful to you for reading this and taking the time to comment.

xoxo V