You may remember that last Fall / Winter, Robyn and I were collaborating on a project. We were exploring the notions of Maiden, Mother and Crone in our Lunacy Field Notes journals. Both of us ended up travelling and then the project got pushed aside. Yet, we only had a few pages left in our journals. So we decided to finish them this week (or at least I finished mine). 
Here are the last few pages for Maiden:

As a child, I used to collect so many pretty things from walking outside: rocks, flowers, feathers,seashells…I’m still the same. These little things feel like treasures to me.

I am working in a moon journal and this doodled moon phases washi was just too perfect not t include. I love than the moon is snuggling a rabbit.

When we went to Sydney, we spent a day in Luna Park and they were hosting an event called Lunacy which meant that these things were destined for this journal.

Here is the Mother journal:

I used a lot of cast-off photos from my Project Life albums. These pages address notions of motherhood and wife-hood as well.

This is an important aspect of my life this year, learning what is good for me and what isn’t. Keeping my focus on the nourishing parts.

I’ve been feeling lost sometimes since we moved to Beijing. This spread deals with that feeling of being in the wilderness.

And some references to the moon to close it off.

In the Crone journal: a thick underbrush, lush jungle themed spread.

Again with the moon symbolism. The ‘Ritual’ postcard comes from the Moonrise zine.

I enjoyed integrating the ‘past’ present’ ‘future’ transparencies that I got from a past Studio Calico kit.

Notions of ancestry and feeling rooted.

Sewing notions will forever remind me of the women in my family and their legacy.

The final page: looking to the future with my heart wide open.

It feels really good to be done! I loved this project. If there is interest, I may do a flip through!