When I bought these gorgeous Field Notes Brand Lunacy journals, I knew I wanted to do something amazing with them. I shared them right away on my IG feed and one of my friends, Robyn, contacted me and asked if I wanted to collaborate with her on a project using these journals. She had the bright idea of associating each phase with one of the female archetypes related to the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone.

Seeing as how I talk about this in my Totems class, I figured this was a fabulous idea. We are keeping it simple, one or two spreads a week. We are both sharing under the hashtag #lunacyphases.

For my project, I am aiming for a minimalist, black ink/gouache look. Very bold and very ‘tight’. I’m thinking big words, sketched faces, maybe  little watercolour but not much. I decided that the Mother journal was the full moon. The half moon was the Crone and the quarter moon the Maiden. Maybe because I am slowly going over to the Crone part of my life and I feel it is filling me up, maybe more than the Maiden.

Here are my pages for this week. Maiden:


And Crone:

Already loving this project! Take a look at Robyn’s pages on her Instagram feed and let us know what you think.