Hello all! These journals bring me so much joy! I love exploring these three aspects of my experience as a woman in the Lunacy Edition of the Field Notes. Here are this week’s pages.

This book page is all about the Maiden!

Dec 6th marked the 27 year anniversary of the Polytechnique Massacre. That day a male student separated the women from the men in his engineering class and shot the women. he killed 14 and wounded so many more. It was a traumatizing event and each year we remember the girls’ names.

This lead me to the Chibok girls. My heart breaks for them because even the ones who have been released are gone forever…after all that they have been subjected to.

The idea of youth also played a part in this week’s pages.

The butterfly as symbol of metamorphosis and change. Fuck Fear by Life Love Paper.

Youth is also not having so much experience, being ‘green’ in that sense.

And the youthful glow.

Love me some Nikki Minaj!

On to Mother:

How I love that ‘babe’ stamp!

Wife and Mother go together in this spread.

And the Crone:

Notice that all my pages start with cut outs this week!

Thinking about grandmas and tea and doilies and how all of this goes together.

The crows are from Liza Corbett’s business card.

There are only 5 or 6 pages left in each journal. So i may be able to complete these for next week.