Hello fiends. Well, what a week. It’s been full of turmoil, protests, sadness, anger and awesome VP memes. And I’m not even American. Still, I am wallowing in the aftermath of the election. The time I have spent in my art journals have helped me cope. Today is for sharing pages from the Lunacy Phases project I have going with Robyn.
Here are my pages for the Maiden:

I just finished reading The Way The Crow Flies by Ann-Marie MacDonald and it was very hard to read. Lots of broken people including children. At one point, the little girl says that it is hard that parents put so much emphasis on the innocence of their children. This is partly what breaks them when children go through trauma. That stayed with me when I made the pages above.

I used one of Mindy Lacefield’s business card in the above spread about being free to play.

The first time you get your period. The big change. I am watching my daughter enter that anticipation stage. She can’t wait.

A little interactive page here.

On to the Mother:

I feel this a lot. The idea of sacrifice of being selfless…especially when they are very young. Basically not belonging to yourself until your babies are a little older. That is easy for some but for me it was a difficult period. I was looking for myself.

There are many kinds of love. The love I experience as an adult woman is deep, slow moving love with episodes of fireworks and dizziness. The love I experience as a mother is all-encompassing and eternal.

Remember when I said that the mother is curves? Here is another example of this.

I sometimes feel that as a woman, I hold the world within me. I feel things in my body. Last week’s election result hit me in my gut, in my primordial essence or womanhood.
On to the Crone:

Butterflies are an important Spirit Animal and symbol in my art. My name is a genus of butterflies and they represent change, volatility, lightness to me. 

Another idea that I come back to again and again is that of wearing my achievements or my wounds or the things I have been through as flowers in my hair. I like the idea of tending to my inner garden.

My body is changing. I have a very complex relationship to my body, even more complex as I age. My skin folds, I can’t lose weight as easily as I could before, things ache sometimes (and I’m only 41!). It reminds me that whole chapters of my life are inscribed in this flesh.

And yes, as one grows older, one grows bolder. i care less and less what people think of me. I focus on who I am and want to be. So if I read the tarot and get insight and can share that with others, then I will!
Love how these journals are filling up nicely! Find Robyn’s pages on her IG feed.