I really like the trend of putting new colors into the Christmas scheme, like the gray in the page on the right. I had fun finding a vintage image that went with it.

List 9, favorite clothes / accessories: I always, always wear dresses or skirts. They are my ‘go-to’, I feel really comfortable in them. These days, I really dig the mocassins that I bought in Tokyo and wear them every chance I get. In terms of accessories, my wedding ring is my favorite!

List 10, I was a friend this year by….

Here’s the thing : I live far from some of my oldest friends and close to some of my new friends. I’ve had three of them deal with heavy and ongoing issues this year. For all of these friends – near or far / old or new – I think the best I have done for them is to listen and let them know I’m here. I’ve sent care packages and letters, written and read missives and listened on the phone. But in the end, we often just need someone to listen.