The first week of December is done. Wow. Time is going to keep accelerating until 2014 hits us with a bang. Here are my lists 7 and 8:

List 7, What I’m going to remember about today:
The background paper is one of my favorites so I didn’t want to hide it. I had a kid-oriented day and it was a good one for that. There was an awesome photobooth at a children’s birthday party my son went to. Then I had lunch with my daughter and spent her tooth-fairy money. Unfortunately, in the evening I had to miss out on an awesome birthday party because I was sick with the flu and had to rest up for an important commemoration on Sunday morning.
Sigh. Being an adult and a parent means making choices.
Anyway, here is list 8, On my movie watching list:
Not too Christmas-y…and yet so my style!