The last two lists for this edition of 30 Days of Lists are good ones too.
I’m glad to be able to document these great places where I have bought many a piece of paper and other scrapbooking goodies in the past 4 years. I just realised that my next 30 days pof lists will be done from our new place in Canada and not from Hong Kong!
This is the kind of list I really love. A lot of the people on here are people whose story I would like to hear firsthand. Francis Crozier was part of the Franklin expedition, I’d love to know what really happened to them in the Arctic. Same for Vlad Tepes, why was he so cruel to his ennemis and what does he think about being the source of the Dracula myth? I’m a vampire fan, which is why I’d love to discuss this theme with Bram Stoker and Lord Byron. I’m curious about the Brontë sisters, what is it like to have three sisters each writing an important novel and then dying of tuberculosis? I forgot to put in Edgar Allen Poe, I’m so curious to know what his last living hours were like. And of course, I’m so curious about 19th century England and Charles Dickens is The Inimitable, is he not? What an incredible experience it would be to hear him speak of his time.