Here are my last two lists for this December Edition of 30 Days of Lists. I had a blast using my Christmas/Holiday stash for this project. Whatever is left goes into my Project Life! I also really enjoy looking at all those pretty papers.
I’ve got lots to let go of. The first one is definitely something that happens to me a lot. I get scared of actually getting started on a idea or a project. That voice says ‘not good enough’, ‘gonna be too hard’, ‘you’ll fail’, etc. or I wait too long for the right moment (which never comes). Gonna put those fears aside for this year. For the last one, I’m working on that a lot. I have a tendency to want to prove my point and to want people to own up and be authentic, even when they are not ready to be that honest. So I’m trying to mellow out.
And the final ‘official’ list:

I have an extra spread in my notebook, so I’m adding a final list for today the 31st.

I’m going to keep this one personal, I want to write down the good and bad from the year. Under the postcard on the right, I’ll add-in my final thoughts.

There you have it 🙂