Here are my lists for 17 and 18. Lots of aqua and red in these pages.

List 17 is another fill-in the blanks. There are just a few things I wish I had done more of…The first is ‘date nights’. We are good at going out with friends or organising suppers, but we don’t always take the time to go out the two of us. I also want to do more ‘one-on-one lunches with each of my kids’. My mom did that for us when we were older, but I really like the idea of spending quality time with each child. And finally, I wish I had done more art journaling. I want to dig deeper and connect to my creative side and let it emerge.

On my shopping list…I have very few presents because I’m ready for Christmas!!! Yay! I put down some baking stuff (I want to make Christmas cookies with the kids), I also added an album by Neil Young that I’d like to buy, buy my photos for my December Daily and some clothes (once the sales start!).