I have to say the color scheme for the new Christmas collections really appeal to me. This blue sets off the red in a really perfect way! (I apologise for the slightly blurry picture)
List 15, I like to avoid. I’d like to say that I achieve the first one regularly, but that would be a lie. I am definitely working on the ‘not obsessing about stuff’ part of my personality.

List 16, Favorite things to eat this time of year. i’m a real lover of Christmas food. I hardly ever eat sweets except this time of year. I also like the ‘spicy’ sweets like fruit bread and mince pies, rather than butter cream cakes. ‘Tourtières’ are a traditional meat pie from Quebec and they are associated with family gatherings and holiday meals. When I make them here in Hong Kong, I get a really strong emotional reaction and it makes me think of home. You know? Home as in your childhood, your family, your neighborhood, all the familiar places.