Oh man. Do I have loads to say about this class. I feel so very privileged to have been offered the chance to beta test Caylee’s Level Up. I am in awe of the sheer amount of content in this class. There is so much, yet it is never overwhelming because Caylee carries you through it. Let’s go through some info here:

1. What is this class? Level Up is a class geared to creatives who need help getting organised and getting shit done. It is perfect for people who need to organise their shit so they can get stuff done. It is the best class to help you achieve your creative flow because it helps you figure out what is stopping you and what you need to get it together. The whole first lesson centres around your story, in your own words. I loved that lesson. I realized so much about myself and finally saw patterns that I never realized had such a hold on me. It feels really good to make those connections; to understand why a leads to b which leads to c.

2. Does this involve a lot of work? Yes. If you are looking for someone else to do the work for you, step away. This is the class to help you start getting involved in your life. Get organised. Create a habit. Make a game plan. And follow it through. This is the game changer, people. The follow through. The not just for the class, but for your life. Your flow will be way better because you will understand how you think, work, procrastinate, create.

Here’s a look at the lesson plan :

I mean, just look at that! Each lesson has videos, printable slides and ressource links at the end. The progression os organic and will help you develop your flow. By the way, the branding for the class is amazing.

3. Is this all paper driven? No way. There is plenty of digital stuff here. Caylee shows you how to implement a system both in physical form (notebooks, journals, planners) and in the digital realm. From apps to laptop computer programs, Caylee will help you develop your system by showing you how she has come about her own way to being intentional.
4. What comes with the class? So much, guys. First there is the Workbook. It is beautiful. I didn’t use it because I started in a notebook before the workbook was ready, but you can bet I am transferring all of this to my workbook ASAP. It is laid out specifically to make this class easy and to take the guesswork out of the medium you’ll use for the class. The workbook is perfectly suited. Also, there are playlists, plenty of links for further research/reading and most of all, community. The amount of support you’ll get from Caylee will be more than enough but there is also a whole community that will be built up around the class.
5. Isn’t all of this information pretty easy to find on the net? Sure. If you wanted to spend countless hours and follow organisational dead-ends. Here you have someone who is so enthusiastic about helping others get to the next level that she will do the research for you, find those apps that are user-friendly and actually useful, make sense of weird quotes about frogs, create flow charts from 5 or six different creative methods, make Venn diagrams to put things in perspective for you and still be available to answer your questions. This is gold! All of the research is done for you so you can concentrate on applying this knowledge to your own unique way of doing things.

I hope you found this review useful. I was lucky to get this class for free but I can honestly say that it is worth every dollar and that I would have paid for this class in a heartbeat. Because there is so much content. Because this is the last class of this type that you will ever need. Because the tools and techniques you’ll develop will last a lifetime, not just a couple of months. Because you’ll Level Up!

Just do it! You are so ready for this!