Two weeks ago, Nina shared a wonderful printable on the Get Messy private blog. It’s a traveller’s notebook sized zine called Letters to my younger self. Inside a one word prompts to get us started on these letters. So this is a pretty daunting exercise at first. But when you think about it, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. You can go as deep or as explicit as you want.
I wanted to approach this in a casual but meaningful way. I started by printing the booklet on thick computer paper. I didn’t print double sided because I wanted that buffer page in between the prompts. I added a little bit of watercolor to each page.Once dry, I doodled some freehand faces or objects related to the prompts.

After that I wrote out my letters. I don’t need to explain everything, this is for me after all. And I have to say that through all the trials and tribulations, I am happy and ok with my path. So a lot of the anger and frustrations or sadness I felt when I was younger feels important and necessary to me. Older me still feels that younger me had to go through all of this to get here.

Some issues, like body issues, I am still dealing with regularly today so I need to take my own advice!

And some things can be left unsaid here. We know what we mean when we write this type of letter and we are honest. You can read between the lines of your own letters, right?

Love the juxtaposition of these two prompts.

Don’t give me money. Just don’t. This is something I need to get on top of more. To think about the future and better manage my finances. It’s a feminist issue. 

There you have it. Thank you Nina for another truly inspiring project.