These Timebooks are the brainchild of Kara Haupt. They are a zine-type journaling template. Easy to print and easy to fill. I feel like the format is especially suited to themed journaling and that is how I used mine. I chose the italic one, but there is bold one too.
I got a new contract, at a new institution starting in September. I am nervous because I love my job at the Museum and it is comfortable. This new job is slightly different, but really exciting and scary and only for 4 months. So lots of good things, but I also have lots of mixed emotions to work through. And that is what I did here. (FTW is ‘For The Win’ in this case!)


I added a sheet of grid paper to the pages before I stapled them.

I may have placed this page upside down, but it works for me anyway!

I am addressing the Imposter Syndrome and also Fear and Performance Anxiety. Life Love Paper’s Friyay freebie came just at the right moment and really clinched this for me.

Feeling much better now.