Yes, I know June isn’t over yet! But on the 26th, all of our belongings are being packed up and put in a container, which will then cross the oceans, all the way from Hong Kong to Canada. This means 2 months without my art supplies and my Project Life stuff! So I am sharing those pages this week, while I still have my albums and supplies.
This first spread is fom June 2nd to 8th. I reallt like this one, the blue hues on the left and the pink hues on the right.

This little card actually inspired the first page of my From Here to There album. The layering of all those bits on this card to document a sleepover was just too fun to do and I wanted to repeat that playfulness.

Next up, June 9 to 15. There is a lot going on on the left side, whereas the right on is mostly dedicated to one evening. Still, I am glad to have captured the most important and/or super ordinary moments in our lives….I love that twofold family photo on the bottom of the left side.

In between the spread above, I put an insert with drawings made by the kids for Mother’s and Father’s day.

And finally the week of June 16th to 22nd. LOVE how all the colors match in this spread. This past week was quite full, with my husband’s birthday, a national holiday, two end of year school shows and time spent with girlfriends. Plus my sister got engaged, YAY! I really made do with the June kit from Studio Calico on these pages.

The next time I will see this album is in August! In the meantime, I’ll be documenting in my From Here to There album and in my Field Notes notebook…and enjoying the process 🙂