This is actually mid-June, so June 10th to 16th. It was a big week because my husband was turning 40 and it was father’s day! That definitely warranted an insert (on the right)!

The second part of that week is here. The whole right page is for Sunday June 16th, father’s Day and my hubby’s birthday.

June 17 to 23. My son was home because school was over for him. My daughter still had to go though (my kids are going to different schools – what a headache)!

I really like the soft colors on this page
June 24 to 30th. Some thoughts about work and life written down on this layout. I added in the cool letterpress card from the studio that made my husband’s gift because it was so cool. Some confetti from Canada Day too.

This is the last page of my album (no more room!). So here’s a peek at the closing page.