Yes! I managed to finish these pages last week. Here is our month of July. First let’s start with the cover page of my second 2014 album. All of the maps are so fitting for our return home to Canada.

This spread has my new favorite color combo : black, white and that coral/peach. Love it. July 11th to 13th : this was just a half week, but oh so full of being reunited with friends!

July 14th to 20th. This was the start of our vacation. Before leaving for Gaspé (a 12 hour drive), we went to our new home in Gatineau (a four hour round trip from Montreal) to set up some of our things. So, lots of road trip pics! That warranted a little insert to showcase them all.

And then some views of our days in Gaspé. I love the page on the right so much. It’s a good overview of our vacation : beach, love, good food, good friends.

July 21 to 27: this week is on six pages because we did so many cool things while we were in my hubby’s family. The day spent at his uncle’s farm was a highlight, especially for the kids. And I fell in love with a cow with a heart on her brow and with a kitten that I wanted to bring home.

The following Thursday, we tried to go camping but were completely rained out. At least we got to throw rocks in the sea before it happened.

The last part of the week was spent seeing friends again and playing outdoors.

And suddenly, it was time to go to Montreal for the second half of our vacation. We cut the return trip in two by stopping in an inn halfway. These pages (especially on the right) have my second new favorite color scheme : turquoise, orange and black. LOVE!

Happy to be done and moving on to August.