My first PL album for 2013 stops at the end of June. So I started this album with a monochromatic title page

(I realise that the pictures are a little blurry. I will have to change the way I photograph these because it’s really annoying me right now, but I don’t have time to redo the pictures today!)
Here is the first week of July:

That Saturday we left Hong Kong for our amazing summer vacation. So all pictures from the rest of July and in this album. The next spread covers the week that we returned. I added a picture of July from the Collect app, which shows a nice overview of our trip.

August 5 to 11: the kids are on vacation so lots of pictures featuring our daily activities.

August 12 to 18: getting ready for 30 Days of Lists and finding creative ways to occupy the kids during a typhoon.

August 19 to 25, with an insert showcasing my son’s growing swimming abilities:

August 26 to Sept 1: all pool all the time 🙂

Finally September arrived and with it, back to school spreads! I have 2 inserts for this week. One is for each child’s first day of school. The second is a small insert talking about the schoolbus route problems we experienced that first week!
September 2 to 8:

Septemebr 9 to 15. I did the Fatmumslim photo a day challenge in September and on the Wednesday, the prompt was ‘what you did today’ I put the pictures from my day in three 4 by 4 format pictures and put them in an insert. Loved doing that. On the back side of the insert, I put in two more pictures from that day and a letterpress card that featured a camera.

September 16 to 22. This was a busy week with Mid-Autumn festival activities, typhoon Usagi coming and also a great and long awaited brunch on the Saturday. So yes, there is another insert for this week! I was very happy to include some of the beautiful ephemera and packaging that comes with Mid-Autumn delicacies.

I sure love doing this project, even more so knowing that this is our last year in Hong Kong.