A while ago, we put out an accountability/mentor post in Get Messy. Just as a way to encourage people to connect. At that time, Jaimee reached out to me and we have been talking, emailing ever since. She was looking for a way to jump back into art journaling and I was looking for a way to test out some of my ideas for my upcoming online workshop, Totems (more on that soon). So we decided on a format: we would go back to the prompts of two Seasons that Jaimee wanted to complete : Magic and Introspection. We each chose 6 prompts that really spoke to us and we committed to sharing 2 spreads each Wednesday for the next three weeks. So today is the first instalment of Introspection/ Magic redux.

I made this big journal using a mix of papers because I wanted to try some techniques on different paper weights. I also went big, 10 x 11 inches, so open it is 20 x 11. I love it.

A witch needs her familiars, no?

The first spread I did relates to the ‘Do you believe in magic’ prompt. I loved this photo of a man in a trance. You can feel that all of the energy is flowing through him. I wanted to add to this sentiment.

So I cut the image in two and left a space between the portions of the pages so you can see the spine of the journal. I added some threads, because for me, magic is in the connections. Connections with nature, with our deepest ego, with each other as well.

I believe that magic is all around us, that we as beings who are in the world are part of this magic. It is in the energy of the moon, the tides, the birdsong, death and life circling, cycling around.

I think anyone who opens themselves up to it can feel this.

 My second spread is about the Light vs Dark dichotomy.

I loved the movement of the dress of this Light fairy. I decided to prolong the lines that I imagined emanating from her. This lead to the idea of tendrils that I explored in the previous spread. I bundled different types of threads and arranged them so they look like almost like a figure. I love the movement they bring to the page.

This Dark fairy also had so much movement to her, I simply continued the lines from her hair.

This lead to some pretty beautiful sacred geometry. This is why I LOVE art journaling. You never know where you’ll end up. Because my Dark lady is on vellum, you can see the other page peeking through.

And because I couldn’t just let the backside of the Dark fairy look like a magazine page…I did another spread (sorry Jaimee!)

I covered her silhouette in black gesso, which is why the magazine page warped a little. And here she is, the inside of the outside; I just love this one. The sacred geometry shows through the vellum.
And you can also see the threads from the previous page.

So, yes, we are all Light AND Dark (not light VS dark). I think everyone would feel better if they realized this and that you nourish the one you want but you are allowed to have both in you. Sometimes one is stronger that the other and that is ok.

I can’t wait to see Jaimee’s take on her prompts – we almost chose the same ones without even consulting each other. You can follow our project on Instagram using the hashtag #introspectionmagicredux. Thanks for coming by.