I’m still going strong with revisiting favourite prompts from the Season of Magic and Introspection alongside Jaimee. Actually, one of today’s pages includes a direct reference to her! For today, I focused on two prompts: name your shortcomings (from Introspection) and the magic in you (from Magic).

In the centre of my journal, I bound this cardstock box (it actually held pastries). The shape of it reminded me of a butterfly, which lead me to the idea of metamorphosis and change…something I am thinking a lot about lately.

I added these beautiful butterflies from Candy Gears on Etsy. I stapled their bodies only so you can move the wings (they are double sided). Below is a blind self-portrait.

For the underside of the butterfly, I took a prompt out of Zinia’s Scrap Collage class and used some of my well-hoarded scraps to make the butterfly wings. This side has tones of dark green and purple.

The other side is lighter, with pink, gold and florals.

This left page is all about my shortcomings. On the flap I used a scrap of paper that I had dyed myself and on which I had put some affirmations.

On the woman and under the flap are some images of wolves. This is where Jaimee’s story about her wolf tattoo. It is a Cherokee legend where an old man tells his grandson of two wolves living inside him and fighting, one bad and one good. He explains that the one that will win is the one that is fed.

I used a packing tape transfer, more of that paper and some scraps that were fitting. It is true that I often feed the wrong wolf, forgiveness is very hard for me and I never forget anything. In that sense I think i hold on to things too long. I am trying to change that,

The right page is for the magic within me prompt. On the flap I used some imagery that reminds me of the hierophant card from The Wild Unknown deck and of my workshops in Mexico because that is where these elements come from. I learned so much during that time, about how to tap into my own magic.

The flap opens to reveal a more glittery fairy, one that lets in the light. Basically, like the moon, my mood and my magic is constantly shifting.

Thanks for coming by! Still very enchanted by this project and I thank Jaimee for sharing some of her stories with me. Please make sure you check out her pages on her IG feed.