If you follow my work or if you are part of Get messy, you know how I love to encourage the practice of art journaling. A friend came over last weekend for that very purpose. She had never expressed herself this way before. She is a master of words and writing, not of images and colors and collage.

So I made her a quick art journal, just three watercolor paper pages folded over and stapled together, 9 x 12. For her cover, I told her to look through her magazines and make a self portrait.I’m so impressed with how it all came together! She even added some words under a piece of vellum and used some paper scraps held down by packing tape! Yessir! off to a great start.

All in all she made 4 spreads. She was very proud of herself and happy. She said that I’d introduced her to something she never thought would be accessible to her.

And in saying that she paid me the best compliment. This is exactly how I want people to feel. That art journaling is for everyone. It will take a very tiny push to start, but once you do…magic happens!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start!
Check out Get Messy art journal, we love newbies and we are a community full of inspiration and support. Best move you’ll ever make, I guarantee it. Imagine where it could take you! (you can click on the link on the right sidebar for more information).