Recently, I read this blog post by Lisa Yoder and it got me thinking. I definitely can recognise myself as an Idea Hoarder, although I wouldn’t have called it that. I am someone who has trouble starting things if I feel everything isn’t right, if I don’t have the perfect pen / journal/ paint on hand, if I don’t have blocks of time available and if I’m not sure I’ll get it right right away.

This leads up to me not starting. This is how I ‘hoard’: I keep until later, but sometimes ‘later’ doesn’t come.

Last year my OLW was ‘health’. I decided to adopt a second motto : Just Start. Don’t wait until everything is perfect. Just start. And then Keep Going. This really helped me with my exercise regime. I kept up with it most of the year and when I didn’t, I ‘just started’ and took it up again.

This year, I want to elevate. I am in a bit of a conundrum : I am French Canadian so French is my primary language, but all of the people I follow and interact with on the web speak English. This makes for some discrepancy between my art and how it is shared. For example, in my PL albums there are plenty of inspiring, beautiful designs on the cards in English mixed in with my journaling in French. My Etsy shop is all in English so that I may reach a wider audience and link it with the various events I participate in (30 Days of Lists and such). My Art Journal pages are all in French.

It’s not too big a deal for me because I am bilingual. But, in the spirit of elevate, I’ve been meaning to teach myself new skills and to try my hand at designing my own Project Life cards…in French. So I’ve enrolled in two online classes, Photoshop and Illustrator, and I’ve bought myself Photoshop.

I’m going to develop my ideas under the banner ‘dans ma tannière‘ (‘in my burrow’). I chose this name because the designs will reflect my aesthetic and will reflect my idea of ‘home’ and ‘family’ and ‘everyday life’. At first, I thought of creating a whole new blog/shop for this. In terms of branding it makes sense, to have a unified theme and look. But then it just becomes too much! Two blogs, two shops…can’t do it.

So Dans ma tannière, when I will have developped some items, will be a category in this blog and in my Etsy shop. Or maybe I’ll change this blog’s name? Not sure yet. In the meantime, I’ve prepared an idea notebook for my new project. It’s a CD Premium Notebook. It’s the perfect size with the softest paper ever and I covered it with this lovely feather wrapping paper and my favorite washi tape. I’m already inspired to just start.