Last week, my lovely friend Lauren asked me if I’d like to participate in an inspiration blog hop. Of course I said yes and was thrilled that she thought to include my blog. Basically, it’s a chance for me to explain my process and to point out some others who inspire me. So here goes :

1. what are you currently working on?

I always have three or four ongoing projects. Right now, those include my Project Life album (catching up on this summer), 30 Days of Lists (I’ve participated in the last 5 rounds), my Autumn Get Messy journal and my everyday Moleskine art journal.

Here are a few of my recently completed art journals :

2. how does your work differ from others?

I don’t know. This is a tough question, because everyone works so differently or comes from a different starting point and is going to a different place. I can only say that my style has evolved so much. I started art journaling regularly in 2012. I’ve gone through many styles just from trying out new techniques.


But the basics I’ve always returned to are paper, scissors, glue and journaling. They are the constant in my pages now. I’ll add some vintage elements, acrylic paint, sewing or sequins, but these materials are not my base.

I’d say my work is definitely still evolving and that is the great thing about art jounraling: it is fluid and you can grow and explore, push your limits through this medium. Love that.

3. why do you create?

Because I have to. If I don’t, I’ll explode or implode. Either way, it has to come out and I’d rather it be on paper.
I create because I have something to say about something that is happening to me or in the world.

I create to make sense of it all or to come to terms with the fact that it makes no sense.

4. what is your process?

My process varies slightly according to what I’m working on/in. I have my everyday Moleskine art journal. This one is like a diary where I can put down my thoughts or whatever is on my mind at the time.

My process is very organic for that one : 1-have a thought about something, 2-look for the best way to express that thought, 3-art it out.

I also love to make themed art journals. These journals tell a specific story (inspired by Kara Haupt’s classes).  In this case, I will pull out some specific elements that I’ll want to put in that specific journal – kind of like making a scrapbooking kit.

I like the fact that by limiting the ypes of ephemera used, you can get a cohesive look and that helps the story to be told.

It helps me not to get distracted by ‘pretty’ and tell the hard things too.

Basically, using Mary Ann Moss’s analogy: I follow the bright shiny ball and see where it leads me.
Well, there you have it. Thanks you for taking a peek into my creative world.
I’ll send you over to three amazing and inspiring people. These are Mary Ann Moss, her blog is my favorite ever and she is a wonderful artist. Her friend Pam Garrison is also an amazing inspiring woman. Both of these lovely ladies, like me, always have many fires burning bright. And finally, a project close to my heart, by Kara Haupt who is a super inspiring woman and who has been developing her Babe Vibes website which is fantastic.
So go check these out and enjoy! Thank you so so much Lauren for giving me this chance 🙂