Today is my first contribution to Workspace Wednesday! I have been unpacking and sorting for the last two weeks. I am so happy to have my very own studio space, in a beautifully lit spacious room at the front of our house. It’s not done yet, so I’m just going to share details here until the studio is finished – or rather, until it is a little more organised.

I love sewing notions. Two days ago, I shared my great great aunt’s vintage Singer sewing machine on my Instagram feed. I love objects that have a history to them. I always try to see the person behind the object (I am an archaeologist after all).
I also love color. And these two loves come together in these little spools of thread.

I bought these vintage ombré spools of thread on Etsy. I love the subtle color variations in the pink ones.

And the cool, calming feeling of the blue hues.

All of these threads are on wooden spolls and have lovely vintage labeling.

These are my go to colors for my sewing machine : black, white, pink and blue. I keep these lovelies in an Ikea bowl next to my trusty Marie-Antoinette (my Brother sewing machine, not as lovely as my great great aunt’s one but super functional!)

Thanks for looking.