I have never had a magazine subscription before. I always just bought magazines on the fly or because I needed images for my collages. But when I discovered Uppercase…things changed. Even though I’m an international customer and shipping is quite expensive, it is definitely money well spent. This is the third time I’ve renewed!
I love every single issue of Uppercase. They feature creative people from around the world. People can submit their stories and their work. You get to learn about different creative endeavours and adventures that people are going on. It looks good with amazing typography and great photos too. Plus, it’s printed on recycled paper. And it’s Canadian like me. WIN!
Anyway, this quote from issue 20 really jumped off the page for me. I love the sentiment.

So true, right? This particular creative manifesto is written by Fabien Barral of mr-cup.com

Uppercase always has great new artists and disciplines to discover and I love what they do. If you are interested in checking out their magazine, please use the link below. If you end up buying something, I will get a point which could eventually lead to me getting a free issue. So thank you if you ever decide to get something!


Full disclosure though: I would totally be writing a post like this anyway because I heart Uppercase.