It’s true. I’m always scroundging for good ephemera. ‘Excuse-me, do you have a business card by any chance?’. I’ll put the menu in my handbag. I’ll squeal at a good paper bag and do not hesitate to buy something for the packaging.
We had such an amazing vacation. We went to many different places and ate out and explored. It was awesome. I always make myself an ephemera folder or enveloppe. In it I’ll put anything that I come across and that I’ll know I want to use to document our summer.
The above fodder is from the first part of our vacation. Just looking at this totally brings me back there. The next photo shows some of the goodies I brought back from Maine.
Yes, I did bring back a pizza box lid and a (oil stained) French Fry box. You mean you don’t? Those were some damn fine fries and Bill’s Pizza? I waited 20 years to taste that delicious pizza again and it was worth it. (Hungry now).
Anyway, it’s all good to bring back that stuff, but what do I do with it? I use it in my Project Life album! Here, I cut up the pizza box and put it in a page protector in my 9 x 12 album.

I used a lot of my ephemera. I’ll be sharing the actual Project Life pages soon as they are not complete yet. I’m also making a Maine mini album and am waiting for my pictures from Origrami to make it. I saved some ephemera for that.
I wanted to share this great vintage ephemera ressource. I’ve shared her shop here before because I just love Xenia’s curated paper packs: 

LUSCIOUS! Her packaging is on point and the selection amazing. I got these in an Instagram auction she held but you can find so much paper goodness here: Saturday am vintage.

A lot of these pieces end up in my altered books, journal pages and mini-albums. I’m brainstorming how to use the big notebook in the top right and the cool 4 x 6 one on the bottom. Oh the possibilities!