2020 did not start the way I thought it would! So much has happened and if you follow my Instagram, you already know about us having been repatriated from Shanghai to Canada due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are now in Ottawa and feeling a little more settled. My days are filled with homeschooling and getting winter clothes and appeasing fears and insecurities, while also feeling a lot of emotions at being away from my partner while he supports Canada in China at the moment.

I am making art. Emergency Art, art inspired by all that we are going through in this season of change and uncertainty. I have bought some supplies to tide me over until I am reunited with my studio again.

Art has always helped me process what I am going through and this is no exception. All the insights I have garnered from this change of pace – and supplies – has been eye opening. I am trying to find my footing to carry on with my class making and other such projects. Some projects I have had to set aside, like March’s edition of 30 Days of Lists.

Thank you for reading and for your support.