The new year always finds me wanting to do 500 different things. I want to art journal everyday. I want to start a sketchbook. I want to draw and I want my drawings on paper to be as good as they are in my head. I want to make 12 different projects and share them all in elaborate blog posts. I want to work in my day job and also make a bunch of stuff for my Etsy shop. I want to spend time with my family and friends.
You can do anything but you can’t do everything.
FOCUS is my One Little Word for 2016. I plan to use it to help me concentrate on certain projects but also as a very concrete way of integrating and applying a lot of what I learned in Caylee’s Level Up class.

The biggest take away from Level Up for me is the idea of single tasking. Doing one thing at a time and finishing it instead of doing 20 things at a time and having them all be at different levels of completeness.
I want to focus on the present moment. When I am watching a movie with my children, I don’t want to be writing up a blog post or working in my Project Life album. I want to be present. I want to be there for that moment. When I’m making dinner, I don’t want to be answering emails at the same time. When I’m working in my art journal, I don’t want to be thinking of the next idea I want to pursue. I want to be in the moment and to give the task I am completing or the people I am with my full attention.
To help me do this I am implementing some of Caylee’s Level Up tips, namely MITs, eating the frog and cleaning my space. Now I don’t want to give away what these terms mean because this is a class you really, really should follow. It has given me tools beyond my expectations. Let us just say that these are the catalysts and also instructions on how to focus on the task at hand, not only to get shit done but to get shit done well.
The first result of my taking the this class and of focusing is a giant and long overdue craft room purge. I separated my art supplies in three piles : keep, ditch and sell. More information on the ‘sell’ portion of this great endeavour in a blogpost on Wednesday.
Some of what I want to focus on this year:
– getting pack in shape for the physical and mental benefits it brings
– purging and preparing for our move to Beijing
– staying organised for said move and all the paperwork it entails
– fully living these last months in Canada
– pursuing my creative team contributions to Get Messy and the Awesome Ladies Project
– nourishing my family and being aware of their needs
– bringing interesting content to this blog
– making more art journals for my Etsy shop
Thank you for coming along for the ride! Let me know in the comments what your OLW is if you have one!