Documenting December is one big project…or many small ones. I still can’t decide if I’m doing too much…or just enough. This year, I’m doing the December edition of 30 Days of Lists. I’m also doing Fatmumslim’s photo a day challenge on Instagram. And I’m doing my regular Project Life album.

So I’m using one of my notebooks to hold my Lists (find more here). I will be posting full spreads here on my blog i.e. two lists at a time. You can also find my Lists on Instagram (just click the icon on the top right of this page to find my feed). You will find the fmsphotoaday there also.

As for my Project Life, I’m thinking of doing the daily goings-on of December in my regular 2013 album. I think that I might use the awesome number printables that Megan put in the 30 lists private blog (for registered participants only, check it out using the link on the top right of this page) to do a kind of insert. I would have the fms photo with the theme written out on the card next to it and maybe a reference to 30 Lists? Not sure yet. And since I don’t print from home, I’ll be doing this in January so I have some time to figure it out!!

Anyway, here are the first pages in my 30 Days of Lists notebook!! Here is the cover again :

I have extra pages in this one (I bound 9 pages instead of the regular 8) so I decided to make this introduction page since this is the first December edition.

I have to say, I love that List card with Santa!
I made that ‘Lister’ stamp myself for the September round and thought it was pretty appropriate here.

And here are my first two lists:

1. Before the end of the year I will:
-find out where my family will be heading to next year
-see Siem Reap and Angkor Wat (oups, there’s a g missing in my list!)
-spend time cooking and crafting with my children
-think of loved ones near and far (we are on 4 different continents after all!)

2. Around my home:
-twinkling Christmas tree
-a wreath on the door
-stashes of Lego pieces (my son never puts them away!)
-hidden presents

I’m using a mix of vintage and contemporary papers, stickers, stamps and washi tape. I love this project as a stash builder and buster!