As you may or may not remember, I played along with Caylee Grey’s Habit group in November. My habit was to incorporate some pilates or core work into my daily life. I wanted it to be a ‘three-times a week’ thing. I more or less stuck with the habit throughout November. It wasn’t always easy, especially with my trip to San Miguel. I really liked working in the Pretty Documented Habit Planner, though.

Because my habit isn’t a daily thing, I haven’t done it for 30 days (or 30 times) yet. But I did get a boost from crossing out those days. That said, it was so much easier to stay motivated the first two weeks.

By far, the easiest way for me to get this exercise done is to do it at work. I have very little time in the evening and frankly, what time I do have isn’t time I want to spend exercicing. Every Friday, I participate in a core class at the Museum where I work and it is so awesome. I think I’m bored with my Pilates DVD and definitely feel like I want to change it up. I’m learning new techniques and positions with this teacher and that is very helpful in making want to continue. In January, the teacher should be offering a second core class which would be just amazing.
I really liked the option of writing down what was going on for each day in the Habit Planner. This helps me when I feel totally unmotivated because I can go back to previous days and read about my progress and/or see what works for me.

I’m definitely going to be keeping up this habit. The planner is a big part of what makes this work for me. But een better is the Facebook group and accountability. isn’t that always helpful though? To let people know what you want to accomplish and hopefully this leads them to support you in your endeavour?