We zined Torrie. Yes, we did. We made her a GIRLBOSS zine.
This was one of my absolute favorite zines to work on, mostly because of the theme! Here is a look at my pages.

We recruited Lauren and Lucia for this awesome collaboration.  I got the zine last so there are some pages that I don’t know were made by whom! I added a couple of pieces on the left side in the pages below.

The left one is mine and the right one is Katie’s.

The left one is mine and the right one….is Julia’s? I love unicorns so I was glad the page next to it was mine for the taking!

This is my spread. The quote is from Roseanne, a show that ran in the late 80s early 90s. The middle daughter, who is a tomboy, throws away all her sports stuff when she gets her period, thinking that they are not ‘girls’ things’.  And her mother says this to her. Brilliant. Especially at the time, shows didn’t really address these issues.

Take a minute to check out the pages by the lovely collaborators : Julia, Katie, Lucia and Lauren. Also, I made a kick-ass Flipagram that I posted on the Zine Squad IG.