Hello lovelies, how is everyone doing? I have been head and heart deep into the Rituals lessons as I want to finish them all before my move in 6 weeks (eek!). In between filming and editing these, I have been finishing up my Season of Play altered book (more on that Wednesday) and thinking ahead to the Season of Story.

I feel like this Season will be so interesting because the idea of Sory is at the meeting point of many interests for me: documenting, travel, self-exploration, sketching, journaling. I’m really looking forward to diving in, especially as these are the summer months and we’ll be travelling (as well as moving), so I am sure to have lots to document.

Speaking of summer travels, I am considering using the Traveller’s Notebook that you see here for documenting these. It has a plain insert, a sketching insert and a grid one. I’m looking forward to trying this format out. I just love that cover and can’t wait to see it scuffed and worn from being well loved.

I will also bring my Healing Circle journal as I am looking forward to dive deeper into this project once I have finished filming Rituals. I will also be with family which will probably trigger some elements that will need to be addressed. I will be filling that watercolor palette with my favorite colors from different sets that I have. I plan on writing which set each half-pan comes from underneath it so that I can return it to its box once I am back. I’ve never done something like this but I think it will be awesome!

Finally, that white cover is set to become my Season of Story journal. I’m running a poll on my Instagram Stories about this. The spine of the book is very thin, I would only have room for one signature. So I wonder if I should do the one signature journal with 16 individual pages, or take out the spine and use the Coptic Stitch of the French Link stitch to build a journal with more space to art. If you have a minute, pop onto my IG profile to let me know!

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The Season of Story will run from June 1st to July 31st, but the Season’s Passes will only be available from June 1st to 7th. If you are interested, you can follow this link to see more information and to sign up. You can also just click on the Get Messy image below. This is an affiliate link: when you purchase through my link I receive a small commission, but you are not charged extra nor does this affect your purchase. I thank you for using this link as it helps me in pursuing my creative endeavours and creating content for this website.

If you’d like me to keep you in the loop for when the Season’s Passes become available, let me know in the comments below and I’ll make sure to keep you updated. now help me out by checking out my Insta Stories poll!

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