Who else is excited for Inktober? I love that project very much. Last yea, I did one ink face a day on a single sheet of paper. It was a lot of fun. This year, I’ve decided to make oracle cards. I’ve been preparing the bases for the cards so that I am ready to hit the ground running when October starts. I used some lovely watercolor paper that I tore down to size, using an oversized playing card as a guide.

Although Inktober is meant to be an ink only project, I’m thinking of using ephemera as well in my project. I have some really cool vintage photos. I mean, just look at these witchy women.

I also have a lot of vintage ephemera including anatomy plates, x-rays, playing cards, tarot cards, scrapbooking paper, vintage ledgers, etc. I’ve curated a kit so that I have inspiring papers close at hand for my project.

I wrote down 31 words that will serve as themes for each oracle card. I will pick one of these each day and that is how I will build my card. My approach is a little bit like ATCs, with a mix of ink and of collage and probably a little sewing too. I’m excited to actually use some of these materials I’ve had for year and that I found again after my move.

This is a jumping off point to deeper reasearch into oracle cards, the tarot and creative journaling. Now, let me know if you are going to participate in Inktober and what your project will be in the comments!