Get Messy’s new Season is Fairytales! Isn’t that the best theme ever?! We are all so excited over here. I love fairytales, the darker the better in my case. Which is pretty much every classic, pre-Disney version actually. I also love retellings of the classics. I thought I’d share a few resources in case this is also something you are interested in.
The first author who comes to mind is Philip Pullman.

This book is a re-telling of the classics, in a more modern English. The original story lines have not been changed. It is incredible to re-read these stories and see how creepy they really were.
The second author is Angela Carter.

This is a collection of re-tellings of classic fairytales, often with a feminist twist. The title story is a retelling of Blue Beard and it is really interesting.
Next we have Gregory Maguire, who is known for writing Wicked.

I devoured both these books. The first one was really well written, with a great twist on the Cinderella story. The seond one is all about Snow White and it is so creepy and strange. Especially the dwarves.

Finally, one of my favorite authors: Neil Gaiman.

This is a retelling of two fairytales combined, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty (which happens to be one of my favorites). I found this wonderfully illustrated version in York during my vacation. It is absolutely stunning, the illustrations are out of this world. But the story is even better! With strong female leads and a lovely twist on the story.
There are a couple that come to mind. The first, obviously is Maleficent.

Oh how I love this story! Maleficent being the villain in my favorite fairtytale, seeing her backstory was thrilling.
Another in this vein but not as well done is Red Riding Hood.

 It was visually interesting and the story was pretty good but there was something missing.

A much better retelling in my view is The Village.
Any movie that has Joaquin Phoenix is a must for me. Because this is an M. Night Shyamalan movie, you know it’s a great story where the bad guys are guessed at rather than shown. I loved the atmosphere of this movie.
There are probably more, but these are the ones that come to mind for me at the moment. I would add that my favorite original fairytale is The Dark Tower by Stephen King. The movie is coming out Friday and you know I will be there (hello Idris Elba). That story has incredible villains (The Man in Black, the Crimson King), a romantic (in the true sense of the word) hero the (the Gunslinger Roland Deschain), unlikely sidekicks, a animal familiar, tarot cards, books, magic and broken down technology. Basically, it is epic.
Please share your favorute fairytales and books in the comments if you want to, I’m very interested.