This is going to be a photo heavy post! I haven’t been popping in here that much as I have been busy with my move and we also had some internet troubles. Anyway, here I am, sharing some spreads from my Season of Story journal. The pages are out of order but that doesn’t matter too much to me.

This first spread was done using Debbie’s monoprinting tutorial, in the morning just before the movers were packing our stuff!

This spread is one of those cathartic ones. Some stories just need to end. Sometimes, being the Keeper of Stories is really hard and I get hurt by people’s actions, especially those who very heavily “borrow” my aesthetic and symbols and harm me in other ways in real life. Goodbye to that.

This was super fun: it’s my take on Divyam’s Story of the day tutorial. I used washi tape that I placed on this Japanese washi paper page. It was a busy Friday, but I love the result.

Get Messy hosted a 24 hour hangout at the end of June and I was able to join for a couple of hours. I had so much fun and wished I would’ve returned for more. Here are the two pages I worked on during that time: I swatched my summer watercolor palette.

I also played the “roll-a-Frida” dice game hosted by Courtney. It was easy to add the elements to the skeleton page. That awesome Damian Hirst skull image was given to me by Sarah.

I used Debbie’s tutorial to do a spread on the hand prompt. I decided to invoke the fates and to ask them to keep dolling out that thread!

I’ve shared this spread before, but wanted to share that I added some spray paint to my ancestor on the left. Also, the watercolor on the right is one that I made myself and I love it.

This spread is for the family recipe post. Eating is a very loaded concept for me, especillay when reminded of growing up. I don’t have a healthy relationship to a lot of it. So I decided to document my kids’ favorite recipe instead. I do not pass along the patterns of relating one’s worth to what/how much they eat so I am definitely cutting that family thread.

Another loose floral spread, next to some bone wisdom.

Thank you for making it to the last part of this post. I hope you are inspired by this Season. It feels very different for me, I told a big part of my story during the Season of Fairytales, so this one is more about thinking of the Keeper of Stories archetype. I also got distracted by things happening in my life. There is also a combining of this Season with elements from the Healing Circle project I am doing with Debbie and Cindy. More on that soon. I’m looking forward to summer travels to keep exploring this.