I thoroughly enjoyed the Season of Seasons. The main reason for this is that my art journal is – as ever – the receptacle for my emotions, the vessel in which I process everything. There are two currents in my journal: the part about being in the Wilderness (adapting to our new home) and current social events (sparked a lot by what is happening in the US). In between these two poles are some pages that speak of the seasons of the year. I love how my journal flowed and am really happy with it.

This spread is about being a seasoned traveller, someone who is unafraid to uproot their life and start again elsewhere.

This one was based on Tiffany’s tutorial and was sparked by Senator McCain’s death. The way people spoke about him was so moving, the way 45 reacted was stupid. I connected these feelings with the passing of my father because that car looks like one that he had when I was a child. My thinking for this page is that once people are dead, there is no good in holding grudges.

The next two spreads are inspired by Dyviam’s tutorial. The first one features the goddess of summer. I painted over a picture, something I really enjoyed doing.

This second one is a map of a season. I loved the carnival-esque aspect of the photo on the right and added to it with the colorful polka dot transparency. Summertime to me is the beach, boarwalks/amusement parks, summer drinks and days that last so long.

For Moriah’s tutorial about collage-ing the seasons, I made this spread about being in the city in the summertime (lyrics by the Lovin’ Spoonful). It features ephemera from Rome and Montreal, two places I went to this summer.

I also felt like documenting winter with collage, although that season is more difficult for me. I decided to focus on the good stuff like the smells and to use a wonderful poem by E.E. Cummings.

For Tanya’s tutorials using spinners, I decided to combine it with the 72 Japanese micro seasons and to use the botanical gelli prints I made following Clare’s tutorial.

Then the Kavanaugh thing happened. And it filled me and many others with so much rawness, I had to get those feelings out. My journal took on a Women Circle aspect for sure.

This is my scientific illustration collection as per Elly’s tutorial. I thought it apt.

This spread speaks of a woman’s life cycles, Maiden Mother Crone and how we can be all these versions at once.

Back to the Women Circle. This is a famous quote by Mao Zedong. I added another excerpt form an E. E. Cummings poem.

The final spread is about emerging from the Wilderness, both for me personally and for women everywhere and this for me includes BIPOC women as well. I want to be more vocal about this, white feminism is something I want to be aware of and want my feminism to be inclusive AF.

Thank you for looking at this very personal and meaningful journal x