I know I have been absent in this space for a while. I think we are all feeling so much during this pandemic, so I was focusing on other things. But now I want to catch up and share some of what I have been doing these last few months. I am starting with Get Messy’s Season of More. I decided I needed something easy and doable with limited supplies as I was still in exile in Canada at that time.

So i used a Filed Notes notebook, a Sharpie and some gouache paints that I bought. I kept it simple and whimsical and had fun creating these characters from nothing.

I wasn’t worried about making these faces look real, but wanted to give them that whimsical look and feel.

The gouache didn’t give the best results on the paper, but it was enough for me to feel like I actually used these supplies that I had bought and to give some energy to the background for the face.

I realize some of these are out of order, but oh well, I mostly wanted to share with you that the great thing about Get Messy is that you can totally make the Seasons your own. This way they work for you and you get a sense of accomplishment from going through them with the community.

The next post will be for the Season of Less!