There was some sweet serendipity happening when Get Messy announced the Season of Creativity. One of the prompts was to make a media based art journal, in an accordion format.

Funny enough, I had just started a collaboration project with my friend Chantal. We both love Tori Amos and I had told her that I wanted to revisit her universe and in particular The Choirgirl Hotel album…and I had chosen an accordion journal to do this in!

So it was like everything aligned and I carried right through with these two projects merging nicely.

I decided on a visual language that was quite tight for this journal. First, I wanted bold, black backgrounds. I also wanted the lyrics to have a big impact. And lastly, as with almost all my projects, I wanted to make a dent in my scrap stash!

I had a miscarriage in between my two children. This is a subject that we too often keep quiet about and is a big part of this album. I shared these images on my Instagram and was able to connect with people who have or are going through these very human experiences and feeling that special type of grief.

I used my white Posca pens to write on the black gesso that was on the background.

It was so interesting to revisit this album that was so important to me at a certain time in my life. Reading the lyrics brought me right back to that time but also allowed me to see how far I’ve come.

I loved this project. I am still debating doing the other side of my accordion album! Maybe I will revisit a different album of Tori’s for this….