The second collaboration I did for Get Messy’s Season of Collaboration was with Flor Because we are both expats and we were both missing our homes, we decided to let those feelings guide our collaboration. We would use ink or watercolors and then stitch on a piece of vellum that would act as an overlay. The idea was to explore how memory feels with all of our senses.

We each made a special journal for this and we would chat on Zoom for an hour a week. This allowed us to share what came up and to work out any technical issues we had with the stitching process. I would start with the watercolor/ ink page and then let the colors guide me for the drawing and stitching on the overlay.

Some of what I explored includes flowers from my childhood home, my childhood cats, my first archaeological dig in a cemetery setting, going to camp, bagels, the house I grew up in, the current Shanghai skyline, the magic of books and living in a place (Canada) where there are four seasons.

It was very cool to see that Flor and I both missed similar things from our respective countries. And though we were both grateful to be living where we are, we were a little nostalgic for our home. This last one was a favorite of mine: my trusty Sony Walkman in glorious yellow.

If you would like to see our work and check out Flor’s pieces, we used #vfgobackhome on Instagram.