I was lucky enough to collaborate with two people during Get Messy’s Season of Collaboration. Today I will share one of the two projects. I teamed up with Julia Bethmann. We decided to focus on the archetype of the Enchantress, which we feel is a great name for the phase between Mother and Crone. Our project was called Encountering the Enchantress. Our method was using a sketchbook to explore ideas and colors schemes and then bringing these to canvas. PHEW!

I had never really used a sketchbook this way before so I learned a lot from Julia and how she goes about things. It wasn’t always easy for me. I ended up disliking working on canvas. I think wood panels would probably have been better for me! I enjoyed having a relatively limited color scheme and explored some media that I hadn’t touched in a while (or ever).

We would meet up on Zoom every week and share process videos in the meantime. It was super cool to discuss what worked and what didn’t.

The step where I had more trouble was that the canvas understandably didn’t react in the same way as the watercolor paper I was using. So that gave some unexpected results. Some I liked, most I didn’t.

These two ended up being my favorites.

Julia’s work from this collaboration is absolutely stunning and I invite you to check out our hashtag #encounteringtheenchantress to see it.