I have been so inspired by Alicia’s wonderful Botanicals class available in the Get Messy shop. I shared my Season of Play altered book last week but quite a few spreads in that book are directly inspired by this class. This first one I did for the free lesson, I used pressed flowers and I created windows in my book using acetate.

I love the transparency and how you can see the text through the flowers. You can find the free lesson here.

This spread was done for the Instagram challenge that ran when the class launched. We played with floral shadows. That was a very interesting technique and I look forward to using it in different capacities.

I used some of the ginko leaves as masks and spray painted over them to create depth in the spread.

This next spread was done during a Get Messy hangout when I wanted to create something that would keep my hands busy but not my mind so I could focus on what we were talking about. So I basically fussy cut a whole bunch of florals from various papers including Japanese washi and wrapping paper.

Before I started, I assembled all my papers and a few flowers to get me inspired!

This woman totally embodies how I felt that evening!

This next spread was done for the painted abstract flowers lesson in the class.

Since the people who were in the book I was altering were already sitting in gardens, I thought these were the perfect pages to hold some rosse and cherry blossoms.

The next spread is for the collaged florals lesson. I used lots of images of flowers, from magazines as well as scrapbooking paper. I added a little bit of paint to soften the edges, as Alicia does and did a little bit of mark making as well.

The final page in my Season of Play / Botanicals journal is the following one. I’m bringing it right back to the free lesson for this one.

I used illustrations from a vintage illustrated book on roses. The painted bouquet just fitted in nicely in my opinion.

I can’t help but want to share some photos of the amazing flowers I have seen around Beijing lately. They made my heart and eyes sing, the roses especially!

I definitely recommend GM Botanicals if you want to learn some really interesting drawing techniques to add to your arsenal. the subject is flowers but you can apply most of what you learn to anything that is of interest to you. And that is what I appreciate most about these classes: being able to make them your own or to apply what you have learned to your style of making things.

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